Now playing:
Corrette: Concerto No. 6, in F Major, Op. 26
     - Bohdan Warchal: Slovak Chamber Orchestra with Jan Vladimir Michalko (Organ)  (6 Organ Concertos For Organ)

Coming up:
Purvis: Adoration
     - Frederick Swann
Just played:
Couperin (F): Chacone In G Minor
     - Michael Murray
J.S. Bach: De Profundis A 6 Voix
     - Sophie Veronique Choplin
Prelude and Fugue on the Name B.A.C.H.
     - Charley Olsen
Symphony No.5 In F Minor - 5: Toccata (Allegro)
     - Jane Parker-Smith
Bach: Cantata #29, BWV 29, "Wir Danken Dir, Gott" - Sinfonia
     - E. Power Biggs
Mendelssohn: Prelude & Fugue In G, Op. 37/2
     - Peter Hurford

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