The latest releases from contemporary singer-songwriters

Folk Frontier
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The latest releases from contemporary singer-songwriters. Sister station of The Acoustic Outpost

Folk Frontier is a 24/7 internet radio station supported by in-stream ads.

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Playing today:

Brooks Williams
Susan and Raye
Jim Patton & Sherry Brokus
Jared Rabin
Ken Dunn
Mark Dvorak
Kevin Brown
Jud Caswell
Jan Luby
Si Kahn
David Roche
Saro Lynch-thomason & Sam Gleaves
Sofia Talvik
The Gossamer Strings
Rising Appalachia
The Tristones
David Wiseman - Da6d
Markus James
Annette Wasilik
The Seldom Scene
Crowes Pasture
Barry Oreck
Joanne Lurgio
Sara Thomsen
... and 96 more.

Recent album adds:

Jackson Browne - A Little Too Soon To Say
Mark Dvorak - Let Love Go On
Jared Rabin - No Direction
Sandy Haddon - Boxed Up Promises
Chris Moyse - Bitter Ballads & Cynical Prayers
Nell And Jim Band - Western Sun
Gretchen Peters - The Night You Wrote That Song: The Songs Of Mickey Newbury
Olga Olguita Alvarez - Guantanamera
Barry Oreck - We Fit Together
Bob Dylan - Rough and Rowdy Ways
Ken Dunn - Ashes In The Morning
Teghan Devon - Little Lion
Christopher Elliott - Christopher Elliott
Noel Paul Stookey, Tom Paxton, and Friends - Better Times
Lara Herscovitch - Highway Philosophers
Cooker John - Path To Nothing
Gordon Thomas Ward - Eiderdown
Eric Andersen - Woodstock Under The Stars
Mandy Marylane - Mandy Marylane
TJ George - Fragmented Soul Volume 2
Andrew Cole And The Bravo Hops - Sparrow Fly
Julie And John Pennell - Keep On Walkin'
Saro Lynch-Thomason & Sam Gleaves - I Have Known Women
Kristen Grainger & True North - Ghost Tattoo
David Wiseman - Da6d - I Ain't Stayin'
Markus James - At The Well EP

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